Mission and activities

Pathology is one of the main diagnostic branches in medicine that focuses on the detection the evolution and the progression of diseases. In the everyday practice this means macroscopic and microscopic evaluation of any tissue or organ of the body of the patient, which is completed with a broad spectrum of instrumental and molecular analyses.

As a university institute our department has diagnostic, educational and scientific functions. 
The department’s diagnostic activity covers more than 18,000 histological and over 500 aspiration cytological analyses p.a. The number of autopsies reaches 1100 p.a. Over 200 Hungarian and approx. 180 English speaking graduate students visit the pathology course for two semesters each year. Additional courses for B.Sc. and Ph.D. students are also held. Intensive scientific activities enable the growing number of collaborations at national and international level. In 2008 the number of consultant pathologists is 7. The number of resident fellows presently in training is 8.


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